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AMAZING NEWS! Foiling Secrets eBook is available NOW!

It's live guys! The Foiling Secrets eBook is available on my online shop!

Everything you need to know about toner foiling is inside this eBook!

When I first fell in love with foiling in 2017, I read and watched everything about the toner foil method on the internet and perfected my foiling skills since then. I foiled many materials and have a method that works 'almost' every time.

I searched the best papers, printers, have joined at least five facebook groups, watched hundreds of youtube videos tried many different materials. Failed at least a thousand times through this journey. Perfected my results and to make it easier for you created this eBook and it's finally available for you to download and start your own foiling journey.

What you will find in this eBook:

1. Foiling Basics

2. Materials to foil with the Minc machine

3. About foiling machines

4. Minc settings

5. Printers for foiling with the Minc machine

6. Foils for the Minc

7. Creating your design

8. How to foil - step by step

9. Partial foiling

10. Paper basics

11. Paper basics

12. Foiling Mistakes and solutions

You can print it, or view it on your mobile/iPad/pc with all of the links that are added for your comfort.

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