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Foiling Secrets eBook
Foiling Secrets eBook
Foiling Secrets eBook
Foiling Secrets eBook

Foiling Secrets eBook

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Everything you want to know about gold foiling with the Heidi Swapp Minc machine!

Foiling is a try and fail method but with this eBook you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on cardstocks and other materials. In this eBook, you will find tried out printers, cardstock, stickers, vellums, foil brands and lots of tips to be successful.

When I first fell in love with foiling in 2017, I read and watched everything about the toner foil method on the internet and perfected my foiling skills since then. I foiled many materials and have a method that works 'almost' every time.

If you have a regular laminator, amazon laminator this eBook will help you as well especially the printer, material brands and foiling mistakes and solutions.

You can print it, or view it on your mobile/iPad/PC with all of the links that are added for your comfort. 40 pages, so you can print it as a book, and 25 informational pages with all of the info I know about foiling.

What you will find in this eBook:

1. Foiling Basics
- About the foiling process
- How it works

2. Materials to foil with the Minc machine
- Stickers, tried out brands, heat settings
- Cardstock, White, black and other colour cards for foiling more than 30 brands
- Vellum, Tracing paper, Transparent paper, tried out brands, heat settings
- Transparency, heat settings
- Tissue Paper, heat settings
- Other not smooth materials
All comes with tried out brands and heat settings recommendations

3. About foiling machines
- Laminators vs minc machine pros and cons

4. Minc settings
- Stickers, Matte, Clear, Glossy
- Cardstock
- Vellum
- Transparenc
- Tissue Paper
- US brands included

5. Printers for foiling with the Minc machine
- Tips before you buy your printer
- Tried out brands (more than 20 printer types)
- Printer settings tips (DPI, HQ)

6. Foils for the Minc
- Brands (4 brands)
- How to store your foils
- How to cut your foils

7. Creating your design
- Tips for the best result
- Desktop
- Ipad

8. How to foil - step by step
- Foil placing, cleaning tips
- Tips for foiling

9. Partial foiling
- Two methods

10. Paper basics
- Medium sizes

11. Paper basics
- Cardstock thickness

12. Foiling Mistakes and solutions
- Printer issue
- Foil issue
- Creased foil
- Patchy foil
- Inconsistent result


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I can not guarantee your foiling success with the eBook. As I mentioned before, foiling is a trial and errorand success method. If you have trouble foiling please see the foiling mistakes chapter in the ebook. I also share more tips and tricks on TikTok as well. 

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