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Foiling with the popular WRMK Foil Quill pen tool

If you're a scrapbooker or crafter, you've probably heard of the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill. This tool allows you to add a touch of shine and glamour to your projects by applying foil to your designs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, the Foil Quill is an easy and affordable way to elevate your projects and add some sparkle. In this blog post, we'll go over the basics of the Foil Quill and how to use it.


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What is the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill?

The We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill is an electric heat pen that dispenses foil as you write or draw. The pen uses a special tip that heats up, causing the foil to stick to the surface you're working on. The Foil Quill is compatible with most types of foil, including holographic, metallic, and matte, so you can choose the right type of foil for your project. The pen is also compatible with various cutting machines, such as the Cricut and Silhouette, Brother making it easier to create intricate designs and cutouts.

How to Use the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill

Using the Foil Quill is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Choose your foil: The first step is to select the type of foil you want to use. There are various types of foil available, including holographic, metallic, and matte. Select the foil that best matches your project and your personal style.

    2. Plug in your pen into a power point, don't use your laptop
    Load the foil and your project into your cutting machine

    3. Start foiling: Once you have loaded the foil and the pen is heated you're ready to start foiling! The Foil Quill is easy to use, simply turn it on and start writing or drawing on your project. The foil will stick to the surface as you work, giving you a beautiful, shiny result.

    4. Always turn off the pen after use: When you're finished foiling, turn off the pen and let it cool down. You can then remove any excess foil and store the pen for later use.

    Tips and Tricks for Using the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill

    Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Foil Quill:

    • Experiment with different foils: Try using different types of foil to see how they look and how they work with your projects.

    • Use a light pressure: When using the Foil Quill, use a light pressure to get the best results. The foil should adhere to the surface with just a light touch, so don't press too hard.

    • Practice on scrap paper: Before you start foiling on your final project, practice on scrap paper to get the hang of it.

    • Clean the tip regularly: To keep the tip of the Foil Quill in good condition, clean it regularly with a soft cloth.

    • Store the foil properly: When not in use, store your foil properly to keep it from getting tangled or damaged.

    In conclusion, the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill is a great tool for scrapbookers and crafters

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