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Craft tools I use every day

Welcome craft lovers!

It's time! I'll share all of my secrets with you! Are you excited? Because I am. I learned so many crafts in my life I can't even count them. If you like what you see in my shop follow me on TikTok and Instagram where I share all of my tips and tricks.

Let's start with the tools I use every day:

Tool set

Basic tool set for cutting machines, I have a Silhouette one but I read amazing reviews about the cricut one as well.

Silhouette Hook tool, what you can find in the Cricut tool set

Silhouette Pick me up tool

I have the same Silhouette tool kit like this but as I mentioned the Cricut one is better I think and cheaper than this

For Vinyl I tried the Silhouette Transfer tape and it's horrible so I had to change. The Cricut Vinyl Trasfer Tape is so easy to use. I don't recommend the Silhouette Transfer tape at all.

Silhouette Cameo 3

Most of the time you see me using my Silhouette Cameo 3. This is a versatile cutting machine (not printing) It can cut a variety of materials including vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, and even thin metal. The Cameo 3 has a cutting width of 12 inches and can cut up to 10 feet long. It also comes with a software called Silhouette Studio that allows you to create and edit designs to be cut by the machine.

I could not find the 3 on Amazon but there is a new version and if I have to buy a new machine it would be this pink version of the Silhouette cameo 4. There is a white one and black too

I like to use the Cricut cutting mats better than the Silhouette ones, you can cut them to size, but I haven't and it works perfectly with the Silhouette machine



With the Silhouette I often use the print and cut option. I print my designs from the Silhouette Studio software. I have two laser printer and one inkjet printer. My all time favorite laser printer is the HP ColorLaser and I have a mono Laser printer Brother HL L2375DW My inkjet printer is the Canon TS8200, I can't find it on Amazon but I link a similar one here. (Also found an A3 version OMG with the A3... so many opportunities)

Minc Machine

You guys love my gold desings as much as I do. I'm not kidding I use the Heidi Swapp minc machine every day. The Minc Machine is a tool used for foiling designs onto paper or other materials. It works by using heat and pressure to transfer foil onto a toner-printed image. I have a 12 inch version but you can buy a smaller one too.

If you are after a cheaper version you can try a laminator from amazon, some crafters got good results with it. Just make sure you use the minc transfer folder and not the laminating pouches.


Heidi Swapp




I only use Fiskars Scissors, they cut foiles and cards perfectly. This set is an absolute must have.

Crafting knife from Cricut with 5 additional blades


I have tried so many glues throughout the years and have a favorite in every kind.

For precise glue project I recommend the Sakura Quickie Glue pen, it works with the silhouette Pen holder tool as well.

For bigger projects the Aleene's Fast grab glue is a great option and you won't be dissapointed in the famous Gorilla Glue.

For everyday use and a cheaper option is the UHU Craft Glue, I am sure you tried this before.

For Jewelry and metal again the Aleene's glue with a precise tip

And for super adhesion, works almost with everything the industrial strength E6000

For 3D projects like below I love to use these double sided foam square stickers

Paper and Cardstock

Sticker paper:

My most used sticker paper is from Avarrix, this is size A4 gloss white finish great for foiling

Avery clear sticker paper (not suitable for foiling)

Coloured cardstock

Premium colour cardstock by Avarrix A4

Quill 125 gsm coloured cardstock big pack

White cardstock:

White smooth paper Mondi Color Copy A4 220 gsm great for foiling as well

Hamermill white cardstock

Photo Paper

Canon Photo paper plus Glossy II

In my next blog posts I share more about the process of each craft like cutting with the Silhouette cutting machine, Foiling with the Minc machine, how to cut vinyl or cardstock to make 3D design.

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