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Meet the creator of Your Decor Design

Hi, I'm Judit, the creator of Your Decor Design.
I'm from Hungary and moved to Australia in 2016. Me, my husband and our son are living in Melbourne's loveliest suburb, Sandringham.

But enough about the boring stuff, you came here to check my background, right?
Here is a little sneak peek.

I studied art from around age 10, I tried every single craft you can imagine. From ceramic art through glass cutting to graphic design. I literally tried Everything.

I consider myself a multipotentialite because I'm interested about a lot of things. (If you don't know what it is, click on this ted talk) I have 2 sides of my personality, I'm an artistic person but studied website building, programming and I often listen a cybersecurity podcasts. I build my own websites, and not afraid from coding.
I know, I know it's confusing, you see all these pretty stuff in my store and you are like "Who is this girl?"

So let's start from the beginning. My Dad was a mechanic and when I was a child of course Dad was my hero because he fixed everything with his two hands. (yeah that was the time before computer softwares). So I wanted to be like him, a mechanic at that time, hehe. I wanted to fix things, or create things.
My Mum was a teacher, and later they build their own small retail business. So I saw the ability of change in both of them, and I also saw they can adapt to do better things. They are my role models and later I realized this was the beginning of my journey.

Let's jump a bit in time, because I know you're not interested about my teenage years, are you? ;)

I started my small business in Hungary after our wedding in 2014. It was a big boom for me. I found my purpose, I did my dream job, I opened my first online shop and people loved what I made. So when we moved here, I copied the whole thing and it wasn't successful. I had to adapt a bit, I had to learn a lot about Australians, about different cultures, about people. I'm still learning. But I think I'm on the right track.

So here I am writing this blog for you and smiling because I know exactly what I want. I found my purpose, I want to create beautiful things to make other people happy.

Xx Judit

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